Wellness Oasis

Pure relaxation in the Wellness area at Schrofenblick Alpen Resort

Immerse yourself in a world of wellness at Schrofenblick Alpen Resort and experience ultimate relaxation. Our exclusive wellness facilities, including a Finnish sauna, bio sauna, steam room and infra-red loungers, offer you the perfect break from everyday life. In the tranquillity of our resort, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Zillertal, you'll find your way back to inner harmony and vitality. Treat yourself to this luxury – for unforgettable moments of peace and relaxation after an active day of sport.

Oasis of Relaxation

Where wellness meets Alpine charm

Finnish Sauna

You can expect the ultimate sauna experience at Schrofenblick Alpen Resort: our Finnish sauna offers not only relaxation and wellbeing, but also a unique chance to revitalise body and soul. Surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Zillertal Alps, it is the perfect place to relieve stress and recharge your batteries.

Steam Room

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic ambience of our steam room at Schrofenblick Alpen Resort. Leave everyday life behind and enjoy the cleansing effect of a warm steam bath, which will revitalise your skin and benefit your respiratory system. Surrounded by the picturesque Alpine landscape of the Zillertal, you will find a place of peace and relaxation that harmonises body and soul.

Opening Times:

From 01.12 – 16.04 the Wellness area is open daily from Monday to Saturday (Closed on Sunday)

From 16.04 – 01.12 the Wellness area is open 3x per week. Opening times are from 15:30 to 19:30 hrs.

Infrared Loungers

Relax in one of our infrared loungers at Schrofenblick Alpen Resort and experience the deep warmth that loosens muscles and relieves tension. This gentle form of relaxation promotes health and wellbeing. Ideal for timeout to regenerate body and soul.

Comfortable Relaxation Room

Find peace and quiet in our relaxation room at Schrofenblick Alpen Resort. The perfect place to linger in deep relaxation following a visit to the sauna or steam room, and to promote harmony between body and soul.

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